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Looking for top attractions in Barstow around the Economy Inn Barstow, but not sure where to start? From Desert Discovery Center to that make this property preferred choice for guest visiting these attractions.

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Desert Discovery Center

0.90 miles away

The Desert Discovery Center Museum in Barstow, California is the perfect destination for anyone looking to learn more about the varied and fascinating desert region. The museum features a wide variety of exhibits covering everything from ancient civilizations to natural history.

The museum also has a wide range of interactive exhibits that are perfect for children of all ages. Whether you're interested in learning about the different plant life found in the desert or trying out some of the interactive games, the Desert Discovery Center Museum is definitely worth a visit.

Western America Railroad Museum

0.95 miles away

The Western America Railroad Museum is a museum located in Barstow, California that displays railroad artifacts and displays the history of railroads in the West. The museum has exhibits on the history of railroads in the United States, including a steam locomotive, railroad cars, and a section on the history of the Southern Pacific Railroad. It also has a small train depot that allows visitors to ride on a miniature train around the museum.

Route 66 Mother Road Museum

0.99 miles away

The Route 66 Mother Road Museum Barstow is located in downtown Barstow and is dedicated to all things related to the iconic U.S. Highway 66. The museum has a collection of road artifacts, photos, and memorabilia from people who have traveled along the highway. The exhibits are interactive and include a video presentation that takes you on a journey down the famous highway. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs including Route 66-themed T-shirts and hats.

The Route 66 Mother Road Museum Barstow is open Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 5pm, and Sunday noon to 5pm. Admission is free for adults, and children under 12 are free with an adult.

Big Fire Helmet

1.01 miles away

The city of Barstow, located in San Bernardino County, California, is home to the largest municipal fire department in the United States. The Barstow Fire Department employs more than 350 full-time firefighters and officers. The department's primary focus is preventing fires from starting and putting them out quickly.

The Barstow Fire Department has relied on a variety of firefighting equipment for over 50 years. One of the department's key pieces of equipment is a large fire helmet. The helmet is typically made of lightweight materials such as fiberglass and aluminum and is designed to protect the firefighter's head from injury during a firefight.

The Barstow Fire Department has also developed specific procedures for using the helmet. For example, firefighters are trained to remove their helmets before entering a burning building so that they do not become covered in debris or heatstroke. In addition, firefighters are taught how to properly use helmets during a firefight by practicing drills regularly.

Overall, the Barstow Fire Department's use of large fire helmets is an important

Mojave River Valley Museum

1.09 miles away

The Mojave River Valley Museum is a small museum in Barstow, California that is dedicated to the history of the Mojave Desert. The museum has a small collection of artifacts related to the history of the region, but its main focus is on the wildlife of the area. There are exhibits on the history of desert travel and settlement, as well as displays on Native American culture and wildlife.

Rainbow Basin Natural Area

8.63 miles away

The Rainbow Basin Natural Area is located in the eastern Mojave Desert in Barstow, California. The basin is composed of a complex of hills, canyons and ridges that are the product of a complex and extensive geologic history. The basin was formed more than 260 million years ago when the ocean floor was pulled up and over a series of volcanic islands. Over time, the ocean's sedimentary deposits were eroded by rain and snowfall, leaving behind a series of hills, canyons and ridges. The Rainbow Basin contains several rare plant and animal species, including the desert tortoise, golden eagle and Joshua tree.


8.87 miles away

Located in the heart of Old Town Barstow, Calico Bar is a bustling bar that’s always buzzing with activity. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The drink menu offers something for everyone, and the atmosphere is perfect for a night out with friends. The bar has a comfortable vibe, and the staff makes sure you have everything you need while you’re enjoying your time.

If you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax after a long day, Calico Bar is the perfect choice. The drinks are affordable, and the atmosphere is inviting. Stop by today and enjoy some good company!

Mojave Narrows Regional Park

30.62 miles away

The Mojave Narrows Regional Park is a park located in Barstow, California. The park features a variety of habitats, including desert scrub, oak woodland, and riparian meadow. The park also has a visitor center that provides information about the area. The park is popular for hiking and biking.

Scandia Family Fun Center

34.40 miles away

Looking for something fun to do with the family in Barstow? Look no further than Scandia Family Fun Center! This amusement park has something for everyone, including a massive arcade, a batting cage, a kids’ play area, an indoor waterpark, and so much more! And if you’re looking for something special to do with the kids, don’t forget about our family-friendly bar! Here you can enjoy some delicious snacks and drinks while you watch your children have a blast. Whether you’re planning to spend a day at Scandia Family Fun Center or just want to check out some of the attractions on your way to somewhere else, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

The Economy Inn Barstow is an excellent, budget-friendly accommodation that provides easy access to the city's most sought after attractions; book this Barstow hotel today!

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